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A Secret Revenge

A Secret Revenge
by ~amandataylor on deviantART

Bubbles wants revenge on Mojo Jojo after she got zapped by him in the episode Bubblevicious.
As you can tell she wants to get him back ala Kill Bill style.

Kill Timmy

Kill Timmy
by ~Cookie-Lovey on deviantART

Icky Vicky as The
Psycho Lady by Kill Bill...

Kill Stan

Kill Stan
by *JimCarreyDude19 on deviantART

After watching the Haylias episode again, I just had to draw this. I haven't actually seen Kill Bill (and can't since it's rated R) but I thought Hayley would look totally sexy in The Bride's outfit. I'm sorry if the sword looks a little odd in shape and size. Don't take the title the wrong way, I like Stan, but no-one can deny that he had this coming. Character Credit to Seth MacFarlane

Kill Zapp

Kill Zapp
by *JimCarreyDude19 on deviantART

Yet another parody of the movie I've never seen. I was gonna call this deviation Kill Fry, but Artrookie-Yup suggested Kill Zapp, and that sounded better to me. Character Credit to Matt Groening

Melyssa Jeffery killed Atoming

Melyssa Jeffery

Kill Cheerful Fionda
Kill Dramatic Madness
Kill Power Girls
Kill Cuteness
Kill Silly Cartoon

Kill Hades Potter
Kill Blue Jazz
Kill Pink Spicer
Kill Nico Rade

Kill Death Adams
Kill Sailor Whippers
Kill Oddish Princess
Kill Bouncy Flopping
Kill Rox Drunk

Kill Seth McFlame
Kill Miss Anna
Kill Freaking Poked
Kill Li'l Bud

Kill Hopeful Fionda
Kill Dixie Pose
Kill Dramatic Gladness
Kill Rowdy Boys
Kill Bloodlike
Kill Crazy Hamster
Kill Prettily Poked

Kill Waste Gillian
Kill Custom Adams
Kill Handle Fixed
Kill Koki Drunk

Kill Matt Geoning
Kill Nerdy Poked
Kill Li'l Fred


Kill Barney

Elmo kills Barney

The Bride, the Chide and the Frit

Killed Capos

The Bride shoot the guns

Banger Capo, Delectric Capo and Gizzard Capo
Moniker Capo


Kill Homer

Distroy Kill steam

Daire the Bride

Kill Marine
Kill Jakeson

Hartman, Bendy and Mike
Strawie and Daisy
Gabbie's Video Games