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All Boob and All Play

From Lois Kills Stewie...

Lois Griffin, Family Guy [c] Seth MacFarlane, Fox

Stewie's Elimination

Interesting, part of the promo for the 100th episode

Stewie, Family Guy, Stewie Kills Lois [c] Seth MacFarlane, Fox

Raige killed Witch

Raige's Bitch
Witch is got a Throater

Harry and Amily watching on Scary Television

Raige killed Chesty

Raige's Bitch
Chesty putted Gari and Alina
She's were Ugly Bloody

Raige is getting upset

Raige killed Boogie

Raige's Bitch
Boogie goes Booga-- BURP!

Pumpkin grabed Boogie

Raige killed Vampire

Raige's Bitch
Vampire Strikes

Their Dead

Odd Glassily killed Electric Kapoo

Odd Glassily is Madness
Electric Kapoo said: "Don't hurt me!"


The Bride

My "The Bride" costume from the movie Kill Bill, for Halloween 2004.

Kill Daire

Gabbie The Bride
Killing Daire

Hartman, Bendy and Zacky

Teen Titans - Kill B-er--Slade

'Nother Titans oekaki, this time I went and did a Kill Bill parody, with Terra as The Bride, Blackfire as Elle Driver, Raven as O-Ren Ishii, Jinx as Gogo, Professor Chang as Pai Mei, Slade as Bill and Beast Boy as Budd. XD